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Singel 64 sous
1015AC Amsterdam, Noord-Holland

Personeel: 5
Oprichtingsjaar: 2012
Sector: Reclame en diensten
Korte bedrijfsomschrijving


A good idea means nothing. A good design can change everything.

At Freshu, we know that ideas are nothing without design. Like a racing car will never set the track on fire, unless every tiny detail of its design has been carefully thought through.

Ideas are the same. If they are not properly designed and engineered, they simply will not work. And they will get left behind.

There’s nothing we hate more than seeing a good idea go to waste. So we engineer creative concepts to see how far they can go, using a combination of storytelling, branding, illustration, and web design. Because there’s more to design than eye-catching aesthetics.

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